Web Application Development

Web Application Development Services

Web applications help to simplify complex functionalities and provide online solutions to be used on various devices and platforms using the web browser. At Wibits, we specialize in providing the best web development solutions using the best programming practices and coding guidelines.

Developers at Wibits are familiar in a range of technologies like PHP, MySQL, Adobe, Ruby on Rails and SQL server. We have developed hundreds of applications for several clients across the globe.

Why Should You Choose Wibits?

Clean Coding:
There’s nothing more frustrating than going through a messy code; it can drive developers insane! But Wibits takes pride in creating clear and focused codes. The program is written for the problem and not vice versa.

Performance, Load and Stress Testing:
Proper testing is important to ensure a perfect and seamless user experience when launching a web app. Our team of expert testers makes sure that the end product is tested for performance, load and stress issues before delivery.

Comfortable with a wide range of tools:
From Adobe and Macromedia Dreamweaver to .Net, Ajax and C#, our team has all the necessary talent to change your ideas into reality.

Proven track record:
Our dozen odd clients stand testimonial to the hundreds of performance driven and user focused apps that we have helped to design.

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