SEO or Content: What Takes Precedence?

Comment spamming on blogs, keyword stuffing, article spinning, link exchanging and the works! Every SEO practitioner has at some point in his life engaged in at least one of the above mentioned techniques (directly or indirectly) to drive traffic. Truth be told, we didn’t really doubt about the legitimacy of these techniques until Google slapped us with a series of updates.

SEO Rules That (Smart) Small Business Owners Follow

Thanks to the regular stream of updates from Google and tons of free gyan from self proclaimed SEO gurus, it can be tough for small business owners to keep up with all things SEO. We all know that the rules have changed, but relax, SEO hasn’t become as complicated as it is made out to be. Here are a few ground rules for every small business owner to know:

Why it’s About Time You Change Your Approach Towards All Things SEO

SEO as it is perceived today is a lot different from how it was done to be a few years ago. To begin with, article marketing, once the messiah of all things marketing is a taboo subject today. And don’t even get me started on the murky business of link exchanges. The Google Panda update that first hit web owners in 2011 set the ball rolling for a series of updates that changed the way Google ranked websites. If you belong to the old school SEO thought, here’s why we think it’s time for you to move on:

SEO Best Practices for 2015

Year after year we’ve heard gyan from SEO gurus about the strategies that are likely to trend that year and those that may sink without a trace. But then….Google God Disposes What SEO Man Proposes! All it takes is one update from Google to dispense SEO prophesies. Thus, we aren’t going any further into predicting about changes for this year; rather we’d focus on what we consider best SEO practices for 2015.