Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

80% of online shoppers shop on their smartphones and 40% of them are likely to move to a competitor if your site isn’t mobile friendly

Without a responsive web design, you could easily lose potential customers looking for deals, discounts or the latest news. From desktop to mobile browsers and HDTV, Wibits helps to create websites that can accommodate today’s ever broadening technology. We don’t just design for technologies available today, but create websites that can scale to devices that will come tomorrow.

Our Features:

User Friendly:
We don’t just create mobile websites for the sake of it; the idea is to create an unparalleled user experience no matter what device they use. Our designs are therefore created to solve problems for real people.

Device Agnostic:
Our designs are device agnostic- they function well irrespective of the device used.

Cross Brower:
Not just devices, but website designs work well across browsers including Android, iOS, IE8, Windows, Blackberry, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Most websites aren’t designed to handle huge website assets, but our mobile designs are completely scalable. These websites are designed for the four corners of your screen and not intended to shrink in size to fit the device used.

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